365, 6: day 78

Los Angeles

I spent the early hours of today on a plane, mostly reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. We landed in LA at around 6 am and were through customs and home by 8. It was cold, gloomy (in the best way), and a little rainy, and I settled in for a morning of reading, napping, and cat cuddles. We made a quick grocery store trip so we could have kale and butternut squash pizza with Chilean wine (duh) for dinner, the perfect way to end the year. I was completely exhausted and really thought I’d stay in, but my desire to spend NYE with my husband somehow, despite just having spent 2.5 weeks together constantly, won out and I dragged myself to a party. Which ended up being perfect – low-key, with a number of people I really like, tons of champagne, and a double-fire?! We somehow stayed there until 3am, which was maybe later than we needed to, but oh well. Happy 2017!

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