365, 6: day 83

Los Angeles

After staying up too late last night to finish Harry Potter, I was exhausted all day today, plus it was so rainy and dreary, and I just had zero motivation to do anything. We had tickets for the Redwings-Kings game tonight, and I wished so badly that it were a few weeks later, because it was like the last thing in the world I wanted to do. BUT, of course, it was so fun. Not only did the Redwings win 4-0, but the crowd was so fun (so many ridiculous Redwings fans) and a recently opened BS Taqueria at Staples meant that I got to eat delicious, Whole 30 compliant carnitas and guacamole for dinner! Way better than the Lara Bar I’ve had for dinner during previous Whole 30 Staples hockey games (ridiculous that this is a recurring thing in my life). Plus a woman a few seats down from us was chosen to go on the jumbotron for tweeing at Bailey?! And after the game, our neighbor started a cheer of “Joe Louis West”. So, all in all, a great night.

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