365, 6: day 146


We had a very early morning flight to Atlanta, and took a super easy train ride into the city. The hotel we are staying at is so crazy and beautiful?!! We wandered around to lunch, which ended with a Cinnamon Toast Crunch shot, and then went to the state capitol, which had a really cool Georgia history museum at the top, complete with crazy dioramas from a worlds fair. Then we went to our official anniversary dinner, at Bacchanalia. We panicked at first that we were in a little over our heads, but we ended up with the best waiter, who recommended the best bottle of wine I’ve had in recent memory, and all of the food was really spectacular. We got Jeni’s ice cream after (I had juniper and lemon curd with blackcurrent lambic?!!), and then had a nightcap at the rotating restaurant on the roof of our dreamy hotel?! The perfect ten year celebration to make up for our lackluster attempt on the day-of.

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Year Two
Year Three
Year Four
Year Five

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