365, 6: day 147


It’s crazy when you need to take a vacation to find time for the gym, but I was able to go this morning (to our very nice hotel gym) for the first time in over a week?! And it felt awesome. There were also INSANE thunderstorms overnight! We went to the High Museum and then met my family at the airport! We had a super-bossy waiter at Indian buffet, walked around Centennial Park for what felt like hours (also everything takes sooo long with a kid), and then went to the aquarium, where we got front-row seats at the penguin waddle. We had a delicious pizza dinner (eating logistics were something we were all stressed out re: this trip, but it’s worked out pretty well so far, knock-on-wood) and stayed up too late and drank too much wine at the hotel, although we sadly couldn’t get into the rotating restaurant tonight!

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