365, 6: day 148


I went to the gym again this morning, despite not enough sleep and a not-fun headache, but again, it felt like such a luxury. The actual reason we’re all in Atlanta is my sister’s master’s graduation, which was this morning. It was the best graduation I’ve been to – thing went smoothly and quickly, and the degrees felt so hard-earned and really appreciated. Then, my parents, sister, bro-in-law-to-be, and I went to the stretch of MLK sites, which I’d visited before as a teenager – I was surprised both by how much I remembered and by how much I didn’t. We got Jeni’s again, the boys peeled off, and my mom, sister, and I walked the Belt Line forever. I loved it. We had dinner at the hotel with a hilarious, amazing waitress, and then we went out to an Irish pub, where we planned my dad’s post-retirement career as an Iowa politician.

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