365, 6: day 159

Los Angeles

I stayed home from work today to hang out with my friend (and special addition: her sister!). We had a lazy morning at home, with the guy who was supposed to be fixing the refrigerator but then, of course, wasn’t able to. After that let-down, we went to Elat and the regular grocery store to buy Norwuz materials. I had an end-of-day meeting at work that I couldn’t skip, so I went to that and returned home to a well-underway Persian feast! I pitched in by making ghormeh sabzi and drinking so much wine, and my friend’s sister’s friends came over and joined us for a delightful Nowruz feast. One of them is Persian and from Wisconsin, so I mean. It was perfect. (Also nothing to make you appreciate a bigger living space like a guest room and a six-person dinner party!)

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