365, 6: day 217

Siesta Key, Florida

We landed in Orlando at 6:30am, got our rental car, and headed off to Siesta Key. The drive was easy, but we were both completely exhausted. We got to town 40 minutes before we could check in, so I wandered around the grocery store and a trinket shop while my husband continued to nap in the car, and then we took a much-needed nap. We ate at Siesta Key Oyster Bar, went for a walk up the beach – the water was beautiful and warm and it was entirely magical. And then another friend arrived and we met up with our friend getting married and some of their family and friends for dinner, on a covered patio, and there was a huge thunderstorm! And an archivist from the LBJ library was there! And I got delicious key lime pie! It was fantastic. We then went to meet up with even more arrived friends and hilariously ended the night at our Airbnb drinking rumchata??

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