365, 6: day 218

Siesta Key, FL

My wonderful friend, one of my favorite people, got married on the beach this morning. I read a Pablo Neruda poem, we drank grapefruit mimosas and ate alfajores, and it was perfect. We spent the afternoon swimming in the Gulf, the first time I’d been in the ocean in … 15 years? Something crazy like that. And the evening ended with a barbecue, champagne on the beach during sunset, that ended in another huge rainstorm, running up to their condo spilling my champagne all over the tray of Moroccan cookies I was carrying. And we hung out inside, talking and laughing, with my wonderful childhood friends, my friend’s family, whom I love so dearly, new people, so much wine, with a crazy storm in the background. I can’t even imagine a better day.

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