365, 6: day 224

Dubuque, IA

First, I slept in until 10:30 today and didn’t really feel fully awake until closer to 11:30. Then, I had one simple, quick errand to do today, and somehow that took the entire day. I forget how much time my family spends running around, switching cars, adding on errands, etc. We bought a salad and brought it to my sister at work. My mom and I met my other sister out for lunch. We picked up my grandma and went on a tour of the building she’s moving to. My sister picked me up from there and we went to get my nephew from preschool. We went to Target and Michaels, both of which took way longer than they should have because there was a 4 year old there with us. We went to my sister’s office to get pens. And then we spent like two hours crafting at my sister’s house for my other sister’s shower. Finally, my mom and I met my dad for a gorgeous dinner on the porch of the country club and an evening at home looking at old photos.

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