365, 6: day 265


I had a grand, solo Winnipeg adventure today! Often when I travel by myself, I wonder preemptively if maybe I don’t actually like traveling alone and I’m just telling myself that I do. But! Nope, I love it. I wandered around the legislative building, had a commemorative Canada Day Nanaimo donut from Tim Horton’s for breakfast, and went on a walking tour of the Exchange District (labor police question!!). Then I got THE most amazing lunch at Clementine (Turkish eggs with a great salad) and took the bus out to Assimboine Park (sp??). I was just going to wander but I saw the image of the polar bear tunnel and immediately headed to the Animal Conservancy, which, after being patient for a few minutes, did not disappoint. I got a maple milkshake, took the bus back to town, bought some postcard stamps, and checked out the Canada Day collection at Hudson Bay Company. It was sadly picked over, but I got over my disappointment with a visit to Prairie 360, a rotating restaurant! I enjoyed a glass of wine while taking in the spinning sights of this wonderful city. And then I went on a boat ride! Both of my tours today were with only people who lived in Winnipeg, which was sort of amusing. I had a “Manitoba pizza” (pickerel, bacon, goat cheese, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, and orange zest?!) at an Argentinian pizza place, and I again arrived home just after ten, ready to completely collapse.

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