365, 6: day 267

Birds Hill Provincial Park, MB

I didn’t sleep enough, but the sleep I did get was restful, and it was so fun to wake up in the woods in Canada! My mom, uncle, and I scoped out some breakfast, which was a completely mediocre breakfast sandwich. I finally turned on my international data, so I could send snaps, basically. And then we headed over to the festival, starting with an awesome dance party (pictured) led by three great bands: Desi Sub Culture, Mbongwana Star, and Wesli. We had a low-key afternoon of music, conversation, solo walks, group walks, delicious food (I had a crepe with sweet potato, chicken, maple syrup and some other crazy things?! plus another Thai Tea), and beautiful outdoor views. It was just lovely. We stayed way too late again, but it was every bit as magical as I’d been promised.

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