365, 7: day 266


I woke up to the sound of seagulls screaming and took one last beautiful run. I would run all the time if I lived here. The beauty is totally distracting! My nephew and I found a fish skeleton on our one last trip to the beach, which distracted from my tears over leaving and explained the insane seagull noises earlier. After goodbyes, my dad, husband, and I went to Lambeau Field – specifically the gift shop and 1919 Kitchen & Tap for lunch, where I got a flatbread designed by David Bakhtiari that ended up coming with an autographed photograph of him?! My dad dropped us off in Milwaukee, and we got through almost all of the Milwaukee Public Museum in the couple of hours we had before they closed. We met Millie, the dog who joined the team at the hotel where we stayed for our wedding just a few months later. And we walked around the Third Wars before getting an amazing dinner and then sunset rooftop drinks at the Kimpton. We stopped at Purple Door for ice cream on the way home, even though I am so full and have had entirely too many treats (lol and look at my wedding post from two years ago). And then bed, glorious bed. I’m not ready to go home but I am seriously exhausted.

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