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365, 7: day 321

Los Angeles After more than a month away (a familiar refrain!) I went to Runyon this morning! I’m becoming sort of a sunrise snob I guess, because I wanted more from this one! We began installing our first exhibit at … Continue reading

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365, 7: day 320

Culver City After a very stressful first few hours to the day, things started to turn around. I’d solved my biggest problems before lunch, which I actually ate today, and I solved the rest after, ending the work day feeling … Continue reading

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365, 7: day 319

Los Angeles Oof today was rough. There were several really frustrating moments at work, I skipped lunch and ate Cheezits and fruit snacks all day instead, and I don’t know that I can fix it all. But my husband hosted … Continue reading

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365, 7: day 318

Culver City I’m back and it was all okay while I was gone, which makes sense but also is a relief. The morning was frantic but pretty smooth. Despite my fears that it would be hot and awful, it was … Continue reading

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365, 7: day 317

Northport, MI Today was a never-ending transit day, but made more enjoyable by some good company. After a rainy morning of goodbyes and then dropping one friend off at the airport in Traverse City, I got one of the best … Continue reading

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365, 7: day 316

Northport, MI We added today as an extra day after our friend encouraged us to. I doubted that a little when people started leaving in the morning, but it actually turned out to be the best decision. We had a … Continue reading

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365, 7: day 315

Northport, MI First, I ran 10k this morning. I didn’t find the amazing water views I was hoping for, but it was slightly rainy and overcast and perfect running weather, and I was happy to get a nice long run … Continue reading

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