365, 8: day 39

Nara, Japan

Today felt like neither my birthday nor Thanksgiving, even though technically it was both. Still, it was a delightful day. We headed to Nara in the morning, and despite some luggage logistics and forecasted rain, everything worked about as well as it could have. After more donuts for breakfast, I was surrounded by deer who really wanted to be my friend as long as I had deer crackers to feed them. I hadn’t expected much from Nara other than the deer, but the entire place was magical. The deer everywhere, plus hidden temples and shrines in the woods with beautiful foliage everywhere. There was rain in the forecast but it was minimal and easy to deal with. And we got curry on our way back to the train. We continued onto Osaka, which was the exact opposite of Nara. We rode the Ferris wheel on top of HEP and saw the castle by night, which was illuminated and beautiful. And then we went to Dotonbori, which was totally nuts and crazy and fun. We had Okonomiyaki for dinner, which was both delicious and a fun experience. So I guess I’m 34 now.

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