365, 8: day 41


We woke up, packed up, went to the train station, and arrived in Kyoto an easy 30 minutes later. We dropped our bags off and headed out for the day, first to Nishiki Market for sweet treats and a baby octopus with a quail egg in it for my husband. We had about 15 minutes to kill before our lunch plans, so we went to a bengal cat cafe! They weren’t as playful or cuddly as I would have liked, for $7, but they were adorable still and some hung out with me a little and I got hot chocolate as part of that. We had delicious gyoza for lunch (a spicy one and one with a coriander sauce?!). Our afternoon agenda was to walk one mile and, ideally, make that take four hours. We had some planned stops along the way, plus time for things like running into the Forever Museum of Contemporary Art, where they were doing a completely not crowded Yayoi Kusama show. We got a few treats and made our way up to Kiyomizudera, getting there (delicious, amazing matcha latte in hand!) just in time for sunset, which was soooo crowded but also beautiful. We’d made reservations at a Persian place for dinner, and I’d forgotten just how amazing hummus is.

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