365, 8: day 151

Port Chester, NY

Whew, another crazy day! I slept a miraculous 9 hours and woke up and dove right into wedding tasks. My friend had to go into the city for an appointment, so I decided to stay behind and run a few more errands, do some more prep things, and get a run in. It was beautiful outside and I went on a 6 mile run that felt super hard but went smoothly and I’m really glad I found time for it. When my friend returned, we went to a pre-wedding barre class, where she was given two different veils and a tiara to wear and we ended the class with a kombucha toast! I went out to dinner with her barre co-worker friends after, which included a lovely with woman I went to Disneyland last summer! When we got back, another friend had been acquired! And we spent another night deep in crafts and to do lists, and I made a lot of signs from the “maybe if we have time” list. And now things really start tomorrow, and we are in a great place, and I’m exhausted and cannot wait.

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