365, 8: day 188

Dubuque, IA

Another completely whirlwind day. I went on a nice walk with my aunt to meet my sister, mom, and nephew, and then we continued walking and played his current favorite game, Harry Potter, which basically just consists of him assigning everyone Harry Potter characters and collecting sticks for wands (I wasn’t allowed to use a British accent, for example). We went to a hilarious “Easter egg” hunt at the country club, which was really just candy scattered around the golf course. I had tea with my grandma and made brussels sprouts for a dinner party at my parents, where we were joined by my other sister and her family and her husband’s family. And just as I was getting sort of bummed that I didn’t get to spend as much time with my sister, I got to sneak over there for late-night board games and giggles etc.

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