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365, 7: day 39

Los Angeles It’s my birthday, and I was really hoping work wouldn’t be as awful as it was yesterday. And it wasn’t! But I still had to stay all day with a lot of little things and it was a … Continue reading

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365, 6: day 39

Los Angeles I haven’t worked on my birthday in five years, and I don’t miss it. But I started the morning with kitten cuddles in bed and a walk to the store, had a relatively quiet and fine day at … Continue reading

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365, 5: day 39

Los Angeles Today I turned 31. I FaceTimed with friends this morning, drank champagne with grapefruit juice and champagne juice, went to a bar with friends to watch the Packers (!) before moving to The Counter to watch them win … Continue reading

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365, 4: day 46

Hinsdale, IL I had a crazy, giant 30th birthday tonight at my parents’ house with aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, a high school friend, college friends, and all of my sister’s friends! I was stressed out about it all day, … Continue reading

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365, 4: day 39

Chicago So I turned 30 today. My morning involved a lost/stolen wallet, a missed flight, some airline miles and a calm parent, an unintentionally giant beer, and, three hours later than planned, a flight to Chicago. I was pretty prepared … Continue reading

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365, 3: day 39

Montreal, Canada Apparently I love the street art in Montreal (although I was in the same ‘hood and looked for the one from this summer again and didn’t see it, sadly). So today’s my birthday! I got up and took … Continue reading

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365, 2: day 48

Los Angeles My boyfriend took me to a delicious lunch and Anything Goes (the main inspiration behind my tap dancing lessons!) It was fantastic and super fun. (Also, I’m finally caught up!)

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