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365, 6: day 168

Los Angeles I had the day off today for Cesar Chavez Day, plus my friend is here! We took the train downtown, had lunch (and a turmeric latte!) at Grand Central Market, went to the top of City Hall, and … Continue reading

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365, 5: day 366

Los Angeles Serious TGIF to close out this fifth year. Today continued the crazy week, and I stayed a few hours late to try to make some actual progress on things. By the time I got home, I was so … Continue reading

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365, 5: day 350

Culver City I made iced turmeric tea yesterday and latte-d it up with cashew milk this morning. It was so good and a total treat – much needed come 4:30 pm when a pipe burst (or something), spewing a waterfall … Continue reading

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365, 5: day 333

Los Angeles Football was back! Despite not really wanting to spend the day drunk in a bar, that’s exactly what I did (oops), thanks to peer pressure, a desire to watch the Packers’ game (Packers-Jaguars was definitely not a game … Continue reading

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365, 5: day 298

Milwaukee I somehow made it through today, despite a combined 8 hours of sleep over the last three days. I slept about 3 hours last night and could barely speak, but I made it down to breakfast to begin the … Continue reading

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365, 5: day 101

San Diego We went to a huge, awesome farmer’s market, where we ate as many Whole 30-compliant treats as possible. We made kombucha, watched The Great British Bake-Off, and it was great. Year One Year Two Year Three Year Four

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365, 5: day 37

Los Angeles I had sort of a blah day (weird birthday feelings, I think??! Happiness demerit to me), but I came home, took a nice walk, and made this cocktail, which is my new favorite thing in the world. Equal … Continue reading

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