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365, 6: day 114

Los Angeles I tried to do some cleaning out of things this morning, but I got sucked into a college nostalgia photo trap. I wasn’t planning to do anything for the Super Bowl, but I made a really last minute … Continue reading

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365, 6: day 2

Culver City I definitely had too much wine last night, and I felt not great for much of today. I dragged myself out of bed to go watch the pretty depressing Packers game with friends, but I turned my evening … Continue reading

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365, 4: day 334

Los Angeles I felt horrible this morning and I took a personal day, which turned out to be a lovely day of taking it easy, cooking, cleaning, reading, etc. This strange display at the grocery store was accompanied with lots … Continue reading

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365, 5: day 333

Los Angeles Football was back! Despite not really wanting to spend the day drunk in a bar, that’s exactly what I did (oops), thanks to peer pressure, a desire to watch the Packers’ game (Packers-Jaguars was definitely not a game … Continue reading

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365, 5: day 116

Santa Clara The Super Bowl! Honestly, I was really hesitant to come, because I was in my nesting groove, I was excited about a quiet weekend at home and eating well and not spending money, I so didn’t care about … Continue reading

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365, 4: day 349

Los Angeles We went on a work trip to see Pawn Sacrifice this afternoon (enjoyed it but not the best movie), and then I went to the Packers’ bar for suuuuuch an awesome game! Year One Year Two Year Three

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365, 4: day 334

Encino Football is back, kicked off excellently with a Packers victory over the Bears. We spent most of the day at our friends’ house in the valley (!! so adult??), before swinging by a birthday party for another friend and … Continue reading

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