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365, 5: day 290

Los Angeles I did a juice cleanse today. Most of my day was that: juice, wedding details, and packing. We saw Finding Dory after dinner, and it was so charming and adorable. Year One Year Two Year Three Year Four

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365, 3: day 317

Los Angeles So the most exciting part of the day was not finishing my juice cleanse (which I did), but instead buying a last-minute plane ticket to Des Moines this weekend for my cousin’s wedding! I’d been hemming and hawing … Continue reading

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365, 3: day 316

Los Angeles Another morning walk to the grocery store to get juicing supplies. This house had been a bit dilapidated, but they gutted it and have been redoing it this summer and it’s been fun to watch the progress. I … Continue reading

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365, 3: day 315

Los Angeles So I’m doing a juice cleanse! I’ve been wanting to do one for a while, and I took the plunge today, starting at the grocery store in the AM to buy supplies. It was great in the morning, … Continue reading

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365, 2: day 110

Los Angeles Final juice day! This is my second-to-last juice, and while it’s been fun, I’m pretty excited to wake up and eat sweet potatoes for breakfast tomorrow. (Another thing I’m excited about is starting this cat puzzle.)

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365, 2: day 107

Los Angeles I’m on day 2 of a 5 day juice cleanse (pictured: probably the best one, cashew milk), and I’m also getting really into the book I’m reading (Norwegian Wood, by Murakami).

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365, 2: day 60

Los Angeles After holiday parties and cookies/power hours and everything else, I was feeling a little worn out and decided to do a holiday juice cleanse. So I went to the farmers’ market tonight and got all my ingredients, only … Continue reading

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