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365, 7: day 293

Los Angeles I ran up against a plan I didn’t have at work so I pushed a move date back a few days, buying me some breathing room and a little relief headed into the weekend. Tonight was part two … Continue reading

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365, 6: day 326

Los Angeles Tonight was the only night my husband and I had at home together in a span of like two weeks, so, even though I’ve been doing a Whole 30 (which I’d planned on ending early from the beginning, … Continue reading

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365, 6: day 296

Los Angeles Well, it wasn’t the most exciting anniversary, but it was fun to keep remembering what we had been doing a year ago all day. We had a lazy morning at my friend’s house, and she made us a … Continue reading

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365, 6: day 294

Los Angeles I spent the day listening to various playlists from our wedding weekend, and we grilled pizza for dinner! Which didn’t entirely work structurally but was still delicious. We drank a really good bottle of Chilean carménère and watched … Continue reading

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365, 6: day 246

Dubuque, IA Well, my baby sister is married. ! It was a beautiful, emotional, confusing, wonderful day, plus a great party. The depths of gratitude I feel for my family and my friends, my sister’s friends and new family (whom … Continue reading

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365, 6: day 45

Los Angeles I know this month is going to be crazy with the holidays and getting ready to leave work, so I’m trying to front load as much as possible. With that in mind, I braved a few hours at … Continue reading

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365, 6: day 41

Los Angeles I was nervous about my first Thanksgiving not with my parents. But, thanks to lots of good planning and expectation setting, plus a wonderful husband and great friends, it was delightful. We slept in, watched the parade and … Continue reading

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