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365, 8: day 79

Dubuque, IA Last night was relatively low-key, which made this morning smooth, although there’s never enough time. I stopped by to see my sister and baby one last time, and my nephew gave me the biggest hug when I got … Continue reading

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365, 7: day 80

Illinois We had a very quick stop at my grandparents’ on the way to O’Hare, got Tortas Fronteras, and flew back to LA, where it wasn’t a negative temperature. So that’s something to be happy about. Year One Year Two … Continue reading

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365, 7: day 79

Dubuque, IA NYE ended too quickly, as my cousins and sister’s friends got on the road early and it continues to be too cold to actually do anything. So we had a pretty lazy day around the house. My friend … Continue reading

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365, 7: day 74

Somewhere between New York and Chicago We had a not-rushed morning of getting packed and ready and organized for our flight to Chicago. New York-Chicago is my favorite flight, and we were low enough to see all the crazy snow … Continue reading

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365, 4: day 82

Madison, WI I lived in Madison before moving to California, and much of it is really glamorized in my mind. I got a stark reminder of what much of my time there looked like today (see image). It was a … Continue reading

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365, 4: day 40

Illinois We had a lazy morning at my parents’ house, Indian food for lunch, a brief stop at the crazy crowded outlets, and, finally, a beautiful and crazy drive to Iowa. I can literally never get enough of this scenery, … Continue reading

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365, 3: day 79

Athens, VT So, to be perfectly honest, I’m not positive this was taken in Athens. Athens might have just been the first place we had service and my friend could geotag a picture from our morning snow hike (other than … Continue reading

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