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365, 5: day 357

Santa Monica Tonight was my second book club, also joyously located off the new Expo line to Santa Monica. It’s certainly a good change of pace for me. Year One Year Two Year Thee Year Four

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365, 5: day 219

Santa Monica The Expo line extension finally opened today! I met a friend at the Culver City station after work and we took it to Santa Monica, where we met her boyfriend for burgers. The view from train was so … Continue reading

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365, 5: day 148

Los Angeles I took the train downtown after work today (and sat in liquid?! so gross) for a talk on Octavia Butler at LAPL. It was great, as is pretty much everything they do. I probably should have gone to … Continue reading

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365, 4: day 255

Washington, D.C. This day began early in LA, with no idea as to where I would be staying for the weekend? But things worked out, as they always do, and I had a great night in DC with my oldest … Continue reading

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365, 4: day 146

Los Angeles Today was really about dealing with some of the more stressful aspects of getting engaged… telling people. I’ve just started but I got most of the big people in my family taken care of. I’ve also told almost … Continue reading

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365, 4: day 47

Hinsdale, IL Today was all about cleaning, walks into town, trips to the airport, the Packers game, and easing up on the eating and drinking everything. I leave for LA tomorrow AM. (The fun thing about this archives stuff is … Continue reading

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365, 3: day 265

San Clemente, CA I left San Diego after brunch and a bit of lazing around in hopes of getting home in time for errands, dinner making, laundry, and other Sunday-type things. Instead, the traffic was horrible and I decided to … Continue reading

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