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365, 7: day 173

Los Angeles This week flew by, but in that not-great way where I feel totally unprepared. I worked later than I wanted to, which happened all week but at least I had The Americans to come home to (and these … Continue reading

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365, 7: day 121

Los Angeles I went on a run outside today with my coworker, and literally three minutes after we stopped and got into our cars, it started downpouring! We had a cozy night in, with some cleaning, a refrigerator clean out … Continue reading

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365, 7: day 51

Culver City I thought I would be annoyed all day that I wasn’t still in Arizona, but I actually had kind of a nice, quiet yet super-productive day. And then I made spaghetti squash lasagna, which I haven’t done in … Continue reading

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365, 6: day 239

Los Angeles I powered through my to-do list today, in the laziest, don’t-leave-the-house-all-day way. I love having so many little things in my house that make me so happy. My brother-in-law ended up coming over for dinner, we got takeout … Continue reading

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365, 5: day 85

Los Angeles I feel like all I’ve done all week is watch Making a Murderer, and I’m not totally happy about it. But we finished it today (plus I tried to sort through some things, with mixed results?), and it … Continue reading

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365, 3: day 67

Culver City A co-worker gave everyone these fun, infinitely entertaining wind-up toys for Christmas / the holidays. They were a huge hit. After a slightly hectic but ultimately fine abbreviated day at work, I was off to Chicago, via Denver, … Continue reading

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365, 3: day 46

Hawthorn Woods, IL My sister and I went to her boyfriend’s parent’s house tonight to hang out with him and a big group of his high school friends. This is my second year in a row experiencing this “Friday night … Continue reading

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