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365, 6: day 123

Los Angeles I love Valentine’s Day so much. My brother-in-law arrived today, so we didn’t do a proper celebration, but I did wear shades of pink, get out an unhemmed Valentine’s Day tablecloth, and light some candles (and enjoyed this … Continue reading

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365, 5: day 123

Los Angeles Happy Valentine’s Day! My mom and I had a celebratory day just the two of us, doing basically my favorite things, while my dad and boyfriend played golf. We ate delicious Indian food, took the bus up to … Continue reading

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365, 4: day 123

Santa Monica Happy Valentine’s Day! It didn’t really feel like it today, other than the terrible service at dinner, but it was a lovely day either way. Bike riding on the beach, a tour of the Sony lot, mixed up … Continue reading

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365, 4: day 121

Los Angeles Today was really slugglish and blah (tired, sick of healthy food and not drinking, lots of cleaning to do), but this beeeeeeeautiful Valentine’s display at Vons and a super-efficient, friendly checkout dude sort of made my night. I … Continue reading

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365, 4: day 120

Culver City I really wanted to send out Valentines this year, and I actually got my act together and made a series of really beautiful, personalized ones for almost my entire list! (I’ve learned that my creativity is best channeled … Continue reading

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365, 4: day 115

Los Angeles I’m not a stickler about the date, but after missing even fake Valentine’s Day last year, I made doing something this year a priority. My parents will be here again for the real day, and weekdays are too … Continue reading

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365, 3: day 129

Los Angeles Today is the anniversary of mine and my boyfriend’s first date. We normally don’t commemorate this in any way (and rarely even remember it), but once I started thinking about it, I kind of wanted to. We took … Continue reading

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