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365, 7: day 283

Las Vegas I had a really good night’s sleep, almost 8 hours, for the first time in a while. I woke up, went for a short run, showered, and we returned to the shuttle with some of our friends from … Continue reading

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365, 7: day 74

Somewhere between New York and Chicago We had a not-rushed morning of getting packed and ready and organized for our flight to Chicago. New York-Chicago is my favorite flight, and we were low enough to see all the crazy snow … Continue reading

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365, 6: day 264

Winnipeg, MB I got up way too early to head out to the airport. I had a series of easy flights, complete with freaking out about my arrival into Canada during a quick layover in Vancouver. I got bus change … Continue reading

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365, 6: day 216

Texas Today was kind of crazy, but it was a good moment to realize how much less crazy work is generally than it has been in times past. Because! We had a 10:50 flight and actually went home for a … Continue reading

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365, 6: day 48

Tucson We had a work event this afternoon, and I went from there to the strangest satellite American Eagle terminal at the airport, to Tucson! My friends and my friend’s mom picked me up and we giggled the night away. … Continue reading

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365, 5: day 317

Chicago I had a quick, yet productive, morning at work. We got to Chicago, no problem, arriving to an hour delay in our connecting flight to Detroit. Which quickly turned into two hours. We closed down the United Club, ate … Continue reading

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365, 5: day 264

Los Angeles After a lazy morning at my parents house, most of us headed back to Chicago for our flights. Mine was delayed, which was annoying as it had been specifically times for fireworks, but it did allow me to … Continue reading

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